Sentence Examples with the word Hecker

But the reason for this was not, as Herr Max Hecker rather absurdly suggests, Wolfgang's jealousy of his grandfather's oppressive fame, but one far more simple and natural.

The troops of Baden and Hesse marched against him, under the command of General Friedrich von Gagern, and on the 10th of April they met near Kandern, where Gagern was killed, it is true, but Hecker was completely defeated.

The proof lies in the new Offenburg demands of the 19th of March, and in the resolution moved by Hecker in the preliminary parliament of Frankfort that Germany should be declared a republic. But neither in Baden nor Frankfort did he at any time gain his point.

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The grand-ducal government of the Seekreis was dissolved, and Hecker gradually gained reinforcements.

On this account Hecker resolved in September 1848 to emigrate to North America, and obtained possession of a farm near Belleville in the state of Illinois.

But it was in vain that on becoming a deputy Hecker endeavoured to carry out its impracticable provisions.

FRIEDRICH FRANZ KARL HECKER (1811-1881), German revolutionist, was born at Eichtersheim in the Palatinate on the 28th of September 1811, his father being a revenue official.