Sentence Examples with the word Hearted

I never would have believed a woman could be so kind hearted and so suspicious at the same time.

Born In 1784, And Brought Up Among Reminiscent Eye Witnesses Of The Old Regime, He Was An Eager Listener, With A Wonderful4 Memory And Whole Hearted Pride In The Glories Of His Race And Family, A Kindly Seigneur, Who Loved And 'Was Loved By All His Censitaires, A Keen Observer Of Many Changing Systems, Down, To The Final Confederation Of 1867, And A Man Who Had Felt' Both Extremes Of Fortune (Memoires, 1866).

You're just too kind hearted to tell anybody no when they ask for help.

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But it was startling to see this excellent hearted Quakeress coming on board, as she did the last day, with a long oil-ladle in one hand, and a still longer whaling lance in the other.

Well, maybe it does for some people, but not a hard hearted old witch like me.