Sentence Examples with the word Haut

The Comite des Etudes du Haut Congo, formed in 1878 at the instance of the king and mainly financed by him had developed into the International Association of the Congo, of which a Belgian officer, Colonel M.

On the night of the 20th of January the French lines about Perouse were carried by assault, and, both flanks being now cleared, the formal siege of the Perches forts was opened, the first parallel extending from Danjoutin to Haut Taillis.

GEORGES DARBOY (1813-1871), archbishop of Paris, was born at Fayl-Billot in Haut Marne on the 16th of January 1813.

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Perrin, Guide du Haut Dauphine (1887, with supplement in 1890, Eng.

Of these companies the Union miniere du Haut Katanga had for object the development of the mineral wealth of the district named, while the Chemin de fer du Bas Congo undertook to build a railway from Leopoldville to Katanga.

The actual discovery of this type of wine is ascribed to Dom Perignon, a monk who managed the cellars of the abbey of Haut Villers from 1670 to 1715.

Gallieni, Mission d'exploration du Haut Niger .

Local Government.France is divided into 86 administrative departments (including Corsica) or 87 if the Territory of Belfort, a remnant of the Haut Rhin department, be included.