Sentence Examples with the word Hauran

The Shehab family, originally Hira Arabs, which had governed Hauran under the early caliphs of Damascus, and thereafter held power in Hermon, intermarried with the Maan; and in the latter's day of weakness sided with the Kaisi faction and obtained the supreme amirate of the Mountain.

In the Hauran 22.16 is shown by a basalt door (British Museum), and perhaps elsewhere in Syria (25).

Wetzstein, Reisebericht fiber Hauran and die Trachonen (Berlin, 1860); Sir R.

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Ewing, A Journey in the Hauran (with a large collection of inscriptions); Palestine Exploration Fund Quarterly Statement, 1895; W.

Two great rivers, the Yarmuk (Hieromax) and the Zerka (Jabbok), divide Eastern Palestine into three sections, namely Hauran (Bashan, q.v.) with the Jaulan west of it; Jebel Ajlun (Gilead, q.v.); and the Belk'a (the southern portion of Gilead and the ancient territory of the tribe of Reuben).

The megalithic structures common in the Hauran and Moab may be entirely sepulchral.

The confidence with which the great cities of Og were identified with the extensive remains of ancient sites in the Leja and Hauran has also been shown to be without justification.

In 1900 an important survey of the Hauran and neighbouring regions was made under American auspices, directed by Dr Enno Littmann; the publication of the great harvest of results was begun in 1906.

The high degree of civilization then prevailing in the country is proved by its architectural remains dating from the early Christian centuries; the investigations of De Vogue, Butler and others, have shown that from the 1st to the 7th century there prevailed in north Syria and the Hauran a special style of architecture - partly, no doubt, following Graeco-Roman models, but also showing a great deal of originality in details.

Accordingly in all the remains of the Christian art of the Hauran one seeks in vain for any delineation of human face or figure.