Sentence Examples with the word Hatshepsut

At Karnak Hatshepsut labored chiefly to complete the works projected in the reigns of Tethmosis I.

After her husbands death the ambitious Hatshepsut assumed the full regal power; upon her monuments she wears the masculine garb and aspect of a king though the feminine gender is retained for her in the inscriptions.

These acts of vandalism took place throughout Egypt, but in the distant mines of Sinai the cartouches of Hatshepsut are untouched.

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Obelisk of Hatshepsut at Karnak, 97 ft.

A Bes-like mask was found by Petrie amongst remains of the twelfth dynasty, but the earliest occurrence of the god is in the temple of the queen Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahri (c. 1500 B.C.), where he is figured along with the hippopotamus goddess as present at the queen's birth.

As the mothers of Hatshepsut and Amenophis III.

On the east bank at Karnak stand the great state temple of Amen-Re with its obelisks of Hatshepsut and Tethmosis I.