Sentence Examples with the word Hathor

Pairs of deities whose personalities are often blended or interchanged are Hathor and Nut, Sakhmi and Pakhe, Seth and Apophis.

Women could also hold priestly rank, though apparently in early times only in the service of goddesses; priestess of Hathor is a frequent title of well-born ladies in the Old Kingdom.

The temple of Hathor was built in the 1st century B.C., being begun under the later Ptolemies (Ptol.

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But there are a few important exceptions: Re in for iopolis (here identified with a local god Etom) and in Her- of I ithis; Hathor at Dendera and elsewhere.

Began the great temple, and the temple of Arhesnofer (Arsenuphis) is due to Ptolemy IV., that of Asclepius to Ptolemy V., that of Hathor to Ptolemy VI., and the great colonnades belong to Ptolemy XIII.

Mont also was a local deity and Hathor presided over the western cliffs of Thebes.

Nekhtnebf built the Hathor temple and great pylon at Philae, and the east pylon of Karnak, beside temples elsewhere, now vanished.

Horus of Edfu, the enemy of the crocodiles and hippopotami of Set, appears sometimes as the consort of Hathor of Dendera.