Sentence Examples with the word Hartwig

His father was a Swabian baron, Count Hartwig von Calw, and his own baptismal name was Gebhard.

His SOn, Hartwig Derenbourg (1844-1908), was born in Paris on the 17th of June 1844.

His career was determined by his uncle, Johann Hartwig Ernst Bernstorff, who early discerned the talents of his nephew and induced him to study in the German and Swiss universities and travel for some years in Italy, France, England and Holland, to prepare himself for a statesman's career.

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JOHANN HARTWIG ERNST BERNSTORFF, COUNT VON (1712-1772), Danish statesman, who came of a very ancient Mecklenburg family, was the son of Joachim Engelke, Freiherr von Bernstorff, chamberlain to the elector of Hanover, and was born on the 13th of May 1712.