Sentence Examples with the word Harleian

Foxe's papers are preserved in the Harleian and Lansdowne collections in the British Museum.

See also D'Ewes's Diary, in the Harleian Collection, British Museum, some extracts from which have been given by J.

Of this treatise, preserved in Harleian MSS.

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Scott, 1812), and in the Harleian Miscellany (ed.

Cavendish (1641, rep. Harleian Misc. 1810 v.); C. Wriothesley's Chronicle (Camden Soc., 1875-1877); Notes and Queries, 8 ser., viii.

Coote's Remarkable Maps of the X Vth, X Vlth and X VIIth Centuries reproduced in their Original Size (Amsterdam, 1894-1897), and Bibliotheca lindesiana (London, 1898) with facsimiles of the Harleian and other Dieppese maps of the 16th century.

Parry, Select Illustrations of Bedfordshire (London, 1827); Bedfordshire Domesday Book (Bedford, 1881); Visitation of Bedford, 1566, 1582, and 1634, in Harleian Society's Publications, vol.

C. Foxcroft edited A Supplement to Burnet's History of His Own Time, to which is prefixed an account of the relation between the different versions of the History - the Bodleian MS., the fragmentary Harleian MS. in the British Museum and Sir Thomas Burnet's edition; the book contains the remaining fragments of Burnet's original memoirs, his autobiography, his letters to Admiral Herbert and his private meditations.

The Meditacyun was edited from the Bodleian and Harleian MSS.

Pocock (1870); Harleian Miscellany (1808), iii.