Sentence Examples with the word Harlan

He wrote also a Koran commentary, now apparently lost, and a hortatory epistle to Harlan al-Rashid.

Notwithstanding the rigour of the season, Harlan retraced his steps, and Nicephorus was compelled to observe his engagements.

The highest point in the state is The Double on the Virginia state line, in the eastern part of Harlan county with an altitude of over 4100 ft.

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Dreading fresh insurrections of the Alids, Harlan secured the person of another descendant of Ali, Musa b.

In the midst of the cares of war, Harlan was assiduous in his religious duties, and few years passed without his making the pilgrimage.

Khalid was the vizier of the caliph Mandi and tutor of Harlan al-Rashid.

The ancient life of the Atlantic border of North America was also becoming known through the work of the pioneer verte.rate palaeontologists Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), Richard Harlan (1796-1843), Jeffries Wyman (1814-1874) and Joseph Leidy (1823-1891).

The building of the fortress of Iladath having been completed, Harlan committed to Faraj the Turk the task of rebuilding and fortifying the city of Tarsus.

They produced a brilliant succession of eminent scholars and scientists who transmitted to the Moslems the results of Babylonian civilization and Greek learning, and their influence at the court of Baghdad secured more or less toleration for Sabianism, although in the reign of Harlan al-Rashid the Harranians had already found it necessary to establish a fund by means of which the conscientious scruples of Moslem officials might be overcome.