Sentence Examples with the word Harder

Then they began to wander about and hunt for nuts, and climb the trees to shake them down, and worked much harder for their own pleasure than they had done for their master's bidding, for it is a strange truth that fairies and children never complain of the toil and trouble they take in search of amusement, although they often grumble when asked to work for the good of others.

The more he tried to accept the idea, the harder it became to swallow.

But, when I took up Algebra, I had a harder time still--I was terribly handicapped by my imperfect knowledge of the notation.

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These are scientific commentaries; but the commentaries of the whalemen themselves sometimes consist in hard words and harder knocks--the Coke-upon-Littleton of the fist.

The wood is coarsely grained, as in all the red-oak group, but harder and more durable than that of Q.

Nervous, she stabbed him harder than she intended to, and Jule groaned, closing his eyes.

It is the hardest known substance (though tantalum, or an alloy of tantalum now competes with it) and is chosen as io in the mineralogist's scale of hardness; but the difference in hardness between diamond (io) and corundum (9) is really greater than that between corundum (9) and talc (1); there is a difference in the hardness of the different faces; the Borneo stones are also said to be harder than those of Australia, and the Australian harder than the African, but this is by no means certain.

Two of its chief causes probably are (r) improvement in cookery, whereby the harder and more irritating parts of the food are softened or removed; and (2) improvement in grinding machinery, whereby the harder and more stimulating parts of the grain are separated from the finer flour which is used for bread.

She slipped her arms around his neck and drew his mouth down harder on her own.

Those employed in workshops, whose overseers were themselves most commonly of servile status, had probably a harder lot than domestics; and the agricultural labourers were not unfrequently chained, and treated much in the same way as beasts of burden.