Sentence Examples with the word Haran

The route along the banks of the Euphrates from south to north was so frequently taken by migrating tribes that the tradition has nothing improbable in itself, but the prominence given in the older narratives to the view that Haran was the home gives this the preference.

He has been viewed as a chieftain of the Amorites, as the head of a great Semitic migration from Mesopotamia; or, since Ur and Haran were seats of Moon-worship, he has been identified with a moon-god.

The ferry over an unusually deep and narrow part of the Euphrates has been used from time immemorial in the passage from North Syria to Haran (Charrae), Edessa and North Mesopotamia, and was second in importance only to that at Thapsacus, by which crossed the route to Babylon and South Mesopotamia.

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The oldest tradition does not know of this twofold move, and seems to locate Abram's birthplace and the homes of his kindred at Haran (Gen.

This great ancestral figure came, it was said, from Ur in Babylonia and Haran and thence to Canaan.

Jacob flees to Laban at Haran to escape Esau's hatred (xxvii.

On his way to Haran he stops at Bethel (formerly Luz, according to Judg.

The Euphrates); though the seven days' journey of this concourse of men and cattle suggests that he came to Gilead, not from Haran (300 m.

As the son of Haran and grandson of Terah, he was Abraham's nephew (Gen.

From Haran to Gilead it is probable that Laban's home, only seven days' journey distant, was nearer Gilead than the current tradition allows (Gen.