Sentence Examples with the word Hannah

His instincts warned him to hurry, that he had a reason to grab Hannah and go instead of sticking around to see what was causing the activity.

She walked to the door and pulled it open for Hannah in her straw-colored pants and light pink sweater.

Auntie Hannah says she'd be my mom for all time, so I wouldn't have to have any other moms.

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Gio bowed deeply, but Hannah gazed up at Kris with a look of such admiration that Katie suddenly realized Hannah wasn.t likely to object to staying in such a place.

He also interested himself in a variety of schemes for the advancement of the social and religious welfare of the community, including the establishment of the Association for the Better Observance of Sunday, the foundation, with Hannah More, of schools at Cheddar, Somersetshire, a project for opening a school in every parish for the religious instruction of children, a plan for the education of the children of the lower classes, a bill for securing better salaries to curates, and a method for disseminating, by government help, Christianity in India.

It'll make Hannah so happy, Giovanni said with genuine warmth.

She'd lost Hannah in the crowd.

He couldn't tell Rhyn he'd chosen to save Hannah instead of Kiki, only to discover a shapeshifter demon in Hannah's place.

He.d send someone to take Hannah to a different sanctuary, unwilling to risk his newfound mate to one as unpredictable as Sasha.

He was planning something, if he invited Hannah to the castle.