Sentence Examples with the word Handing

The assassin obliged without question, stripping off weapons and handing them to Jule.

Han watched, handing her a wet wash cloth when she was done.

And handing back the odd bits he turned and went out.

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It is the rule and custom of the cupbearer to pour out a little of the wine and taste it before handing the cup to me.

Now he rode beside Ilyin under the birch trees, occasionally plucking leaves from a branch that met his hand, sometimes touching his horse's side with his foot, or, without turning round, handing a pipe he had finished to an hussar riding behind him, with as calm and careless an air as though he were merely out for a ride.

On Manuel's death, Maria, who had been immured in a convent under the name of Xene, had herself proclaimed regent (1179-1180), and handing over her son to evil counsellors, who encouraged him in every vice, supported the government of Alexius the protosebastos (nephew of Manuel), who was supposed to be her lover.

Then he abdicated in favour of Napoleon, handing over his people like a herd of cattle.

Finally he glanced up, handing the clipboard to her.

To obtain the support of the capitalists, Gaius Gracchus conceived the plan of creating friction between them and the senate, which he carried out by handing over to them the control (a) of the jury-courts, and (b) of the revenues of Asia.

They showed that a philosophical theory is not an accident or whim, but an exponent of its age determined by its antecedents and environments, and handing on its results to the future.