Sentence Examples with the word Halved

The Aztec numerals, which were vigesimal or reckoned by scores, were depicted by dots or circles up to 20, which was represented by a flag, 400 (a score of scores) by a feather, and 8000 (a score of scores of scores) by a purse; but for convenience these symbols might be halved and quartered, so that 534 might be shown by one feather, one quarter of a feather, one flag, one-half of a flag, and four dots.

Instead, he sauntered into the dining room and sat next to Edith as she halved a muffin and in tiny motions spread it with butter and marmalade.

By beginning the table at 20,000 instead of at io,000 the differences are halved in magnitude, while the number of them in a page is quartered.