Sentence Examples with the word Halted

Too quickly, her rider barreled back and halted beside her.

Army halted on the line TabanovcheStar-Nagorichino, disposed in depth and entrenched, with orders to stand fast on the 22nd and wait developments on its flanks.

As the ice receded, it halted at various points, forming moraines and other glacial deposits.

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Mithradates was forced to retire along the sea-coast till he halted before the strong city of Cyzicus, which he besieged.

This monarch halted at Siena on his way to Rome to be crowned, and received a most princely welcome.

On the way Henry halted at Bec, and there made the acquaintance of Robert de Torigni, who mentions their encounter in the preface to his Chronicle.

The Russian infantry halted for the guns to prepare the way, and the heavy projectiles both swept the crest of the British knoll and destroyed the camp in rear.

He halted his army in pious respect before the birthplace of a Latin writer, carried Livy or Caesar on his campaigns with him, and his panegyrist Panormita did not think it an incredible lie to say that the king was cured of an illness by having a few pages of Quintus Curtius read to him.

Gerard's corps (with which was Kellermann's cuirassier corps) halted astride the Sambre at Chatelet.

Early on the morning of June r6 Prince Bernard was reinforced at Quatre Bras by the rest of his division (Perponcher's); and Wellington's other troops were now all on the march eastward except the reserve, who were heading southwards and halted at the cross-road of Mt.