Sentence Examples with the word Haidar

It is a station on the Haidar Pasha-Angora railway, 1942 m.

A history of the Druse nation by the amir Haidar Shehab is quoted by Urquhart.

The deceased shah had a numerous progeny, and on his death his fifth son, Haidar Mirza, proclaimed himself king, supported in his pretensions by the Kizil-bash tribe of Ustujulu.

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The harbour, quays and facilities for handling merchandise, which have been established at the head of the Anatolian railway, at Haidar Pasha, under German auspices, would be a credit to any city.

The lines of railway now open are: - (I) From Haidar Pasha to Ismid, Eski-shehr and Angora; (2) from Mudania to Brusa; (3) from Eski-shehrtoAfium-Kara-hissar, Konia and Bulgurli, east of Eregli (the first section of the Bagdad railway).

HYDER ALI, or Haidar 'Ali (c. 1722-1782), Indian ruler and commander.

The town is connected by the lines of the Anatolian railway company with Haidar Pasha, the western terminus, and with Angora, Konia and Smyrna.