Sentence Examples with the word Hadley

No further practical advance appears to have been made in the design or construction of the instrument till the year 1723, when John Hadley (best known as the inventor of the sextant) presented to the Royal Society a reflecting telescope of the Newtonian construction, with a metallic speculum of 6-in.

South Hadley was originally a part of the township of Hadley, but in 1 753 the district of South Hadley was established, and in 1775 incorporated as a separate township.

On the 10th of July 1359 Wykeham was made chief keeper and surveyor, not only of Windsor, but of the castles of Dover, Hadley and Leeds (Kent), and of the manors of Foliejohn, Eton, Guildford, Kennington, Sheen (now Richmond), Eltham and Langly and their parks, with power to repair them and to pay for workmen and materials.

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Through the skill of John Hadley (1682 - scopes.

Bradley and Molyneux, having been instructed by Hadley in his methods of polishing specula, succeeded in producing some telescopes of considerable power, one of which had a focal length of 8 ft.; and, Molyneux having communicated these methods to Scarlet and Hearn, two London opticians, the manufacture of telescopes as a matter of business was commenced by them (Smith's Opticks, bk.

Of Springfield; Holyoke and South Hadley being the greatest producers.

Just above Holyoke the Connecticut leaves the rugged highlands through a rift between Mt Tom (1214 ft.; ascended by a mountain-railway from Holyoke) and Mt Holyoke (954 ft.), and begins a meandering valley course, falling (in the Hadley Falls) in great volume some 60 ft.

From South Hadley Falls; it is the seat of Mount Holyoke College.

Opposite Holyoke, in Hampshire county, is South Hadley Falls.

Of Holyoke; the city is connected with South Hadley by an electric line.