Sentence Examples with the word Had

Galileo was never married; but by a Venetian woman named Marina Gamba he had three children - a son who married and left descendants, and two daughters who took the veil at an early age.

Meanwhile Joseph had striven earnestly, but in vain, to avert a rupture with England, which came about in May 1803.

Religious congregations had been banished from ous Orders.

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Sicily was to be conquered from the Hohenstaufen at the expense of England; and Henry pledged his credit to the papacy for enormous subsidies, although years of comparative inactivity had already overwhelmed him with debts.

Even Bird Song's gilded front sign, advertising the bed and breakfast, had been washed of a year's dust from the unpaved side street.

The center of both wheels had a black band around the axis.

The extremity to which philosophy had been brought by empiricism on the one hand and formalism on the other was Kant's opportunity.

He had to preserve and protect the underworld, even if it meant stepping away from the comfort zone he'd existed in for millennia.

He was crowned on Christmas Day, I ioo, by the patriarch himself; but the struggle of church and state was not yet over, and in the spring of IIoi Baldwin had Dagobert suspended by a papal legate, while later in the year the two disagreed on the question of the contribution to be made by the patriarch towards the defence of the Holy Land.

The architect had told him that it was necessary, and Pierre, without knowing why, was having his enormous Petersburg house done up.