Sentence Examples with the word HORA

We cannot certainly assign to him more than four or five (Deus Creator Omnium, Aeterne rerum conditor, Jam surgit hora tertia, and the Christmas hymn Veni redemptor gentium) of those that have come down to us.

Old Roman formula of prayer mention a Hora Quirini, his female cult associate, afterwards identified with Hersilia, the wife of Romulus.

The malcontent nobles met at Zelena Hora (Griineberg) on the 28th of November 1465, and concluded an alliance against the king, bringing forward many - mostly untrue - accusations against him.

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Silesia is divided by a projecting limb of Moravia into two small parts of territory, of which the western part is flanked by the Sudetic mountains, namely the Altvater Gebirge; while the eastern part is flanked by the Carpathians, namely the Jablunka Gebirge with their highest peak the Lissa Hora (4346 ft.).

He took possession of the town of Kutna Hora (Kuttenberg), but was decisively defeated by Zizka at Nemecky Brod (Deutschbrod) on the 6th of January 1422.

Of Zelena Hora (Griineberg) and Kralodvilr (Kdniginhof) are almost certainly forgeries of the early part of the 19th century.

A meeting of all the estates at Kutna Hora in 1485, however, for a time restored peace.

Finally a temporary truce was concluded, and, early in the following year, Sigismund, who now claimed the Bohemian crown as successor of his brother, arrived at Kutna Hora (Kuttenberg).

The Romanist party in Bohemia became yet more embittered against the king, and at a meeting at Zelena Hora (Griinberg) in 1465 many nobles of the Roman religion joined in a confederacy against him.

With this army, consisting of about 9000 men, he marched in 1448 from Kutna Hora to Prague, and obtained possession of the capital almost without resistance.