Sentence Examples with the word HOMME

He wrote books which have long held their place, La Petite Comtesse (1857), Dalila (1857), and in particular that universal favourite, Le Roman d'un jeune homme pauvre (1858).

Benoist's Guichardin, historien et homme d'etat italien an X VI' siecle (Paris, 1862), and C. Gioda's Francesco Guicciardini e le sue opere inedite (Bologna, 1880) are not without value, but the authors had not had access to many important documents since published.

It is probably in Sibylle and in Julia de Trecceur that he can now be studied to most advantage, though Monsieur de Camors gives a greater sense of power, and though Le Roman d'un jeune homme pauvre still preserves its popularity.

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Last in 1664 he chanced to read Descartes's Traite del' homme (de homine), which moved him so deeply that (it is said) he was repeatedly compelled by palpitations of the heart to lay aside his reading.

Un homme d'etat russe (1884) gave the history of the emancipation of the serfs by Alexander II.

Bourgeois's career as an homme de gouvernement.

His father bore the shock of his temporary absence, and the following year Octave ventured to make the same experiment on occasion of the performance of Un Jeune Homme pauvre.

The best edition of Lacordaire's works is the CEuvres completes (6 vols., Paris, 1872-1873), published by C. Poussielgue, which contains, besides the Conferences, the exquisitely written, but uncritical, Vie de Saint Dominique and the beautiful Lettres a un jeune homme sur la vie chretienne.