Sentence Examples with the word HEIRS

Granted it to Hamelin, Earl Warenne, and when his heirs failed, it merged in the duchy of Lancaster and so in the crown.

Elizabeth was terribly handicapped by having no heirs of her body and no obvious English successor.

The gods have long favored my line with male heirs - -we have never had this female warlord as an heir.

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Louis appears to have been previously promised this succession, and to strengthen his claim married his son, Otto, to Agnes, the sister of Henry, the count palatine, who died without heirs in 1214.

These rights are of simple possession, but they are transmissible in certain degrees to the heirs of the possessor.

In 1301 the kings eldest surviving son Edward, who had been born at Carnarvon in 1284, was created prince of Wales, and invested with the principality, which henceforth became the regular appanage of the heirs of the English crown.

The deed of submission then goes on to provide that the parties bind themselves, under a stipulated penalty to abide by the decreet arbitral, that, in the event of the death of either of them, the submission shall continue in force against their heirs and representatives, and that they consent to the registration, for preservation and execution, both of the deed itself and of the decreet arbitral.

But it would be an exaggeration to say, as some have done, that the poor are represented as being the heirs of a blessed hereafter, simply on the ground that they are now poor.

The early heirs of this vigorous and capable monarch used their power, like him, for the good of the people; but later decay set in, and Japanese buccaneers ravaged the coasts, though for two centuries under Chinese protection Korea was free from actual foreign invasion.

His son, Jean de Chabannes, left three heiresses, of whom the second left a daughter who brought the countship to Philippe de Boulainvilliers, by whose heirs it was sold in 1 554 to the dukes of Montmorency.