Sentence Examples with the word Höhe

The Great and Little Schneegruben - two deep rocky gorge-like valleys in which snow remains all the year round - lie to the north of the Hohe Rad.

To the west lies the Hohe Wurzel (2025 ft.) with an outlook tower.

To the north of the valley of the Drave the duchy is occupied by the Hohe Tauern and the primitive Alps of Carinthia and Styria, which belong to the central zone of the Eastern Alps.

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The Hohe Tauern contains the massifs of the Gross-Glockner (12,455 ft.), the Hochnarr (10,670 ft.) and the Ankogel (11,006 ft.), and is traversed by the saddles of the Hochthor and the Malnitzer Tauern, which separates these groups from one another.

The principal peaks are the Reiftrager (4430 ft.), the Hohe Rad (4968 ft.), the Great Sturmhaube (4862 ft.), the Little Sturmhaube (4646 ft.), and, near the east extremity, the Schneekoppe or Riesenkoppe (5266 ft.), the loftiest mountain in northern or central Germany.

His subsequent works were dissertations on the origin of alphabetical writing (Die Erfindung der Buchstabenschrift, 1801), on the antiquity of the Codex Vaticanus (1810), and on ancient mythology (Ober den Mythos der alten Volker, 1812); a new interpretation of the Song of Solomon (Das hohe Lied in einer noch unversuchten Deutung, 1813), to the effect that the lover represents King Hezekiah, while by his beloved is intended the remnant left in Israel after the deportation of the ten tribes; and treatises on the indissoluble character of the matrimonial bond (De conjugii christiani vinculo indissolubili commentatio exegetica, 1816) and on the Alexandrian version of the Pentateuch (1818).

A large number of Rittera ristocratic schools (Ritt e r-Akademien) w ere founded,, beginning with the Collegium Illustre of Tubingen (1589) and ending with the Hohe Karlschule of Stuttgart (1775).

The Kickelhahn (2825 ft.) and the Hohe Tanne (2641 ft.) rise in Ilmenau; but the Grosser Kalm (1814 ft.) near Remda, in the extreme south, is the highest point in the main part of Weimar.

Gerlachfalvi-Csuucs, 8737 ft.), the highest in the Carpathian system; the Lomnitz (Lomniczi-Csucs, 8642 'ft.); the Eisthal (Jegvolgyi-Csucs, 8630 ft.); the Tatraspitze or Hohe Visoka (8415 ft.); the Kesmark (8226 ft.); the Meeraugenspitze (Tengerszem-Csucs, 8 210 ft.); the Schlagendorf (SzalOki-Csucs, 8050 ft.); and the Krivan (8190 ft.).

Von Hammer Purgstall as Das arabische hohe Lied der Liebe (Vienna, 1854).