Sentence Examples with the word Gustave

Among the newer writers on common and commercial law may be mentioned Wenczal, Zlinsky, ZsgOd, Gustave Schwarz, Alexander Plosz, Francis Nagy and Neumann; on constitutional law, Korbuly, Boncz, Stephen Kiss, Ernest Nagy, Kmety, Arthur Balogh, Ferdinandy, Bela Grunwald, Julius Andrassy and Emeric Ha j nik; on administration, George Fesiis, Kmety and Csiky; on finance, Mariska, Exner and Laszlo.

The engineer under whose direction the tower was constructed was Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (born at Dijon on the 15th of December 1832), who had already had a wide experience in the construction of large metal bridges, and who designed the huge sluices for the Panama Canal, when it was under the French company.

The quinquennial prize of literature had been refused to his Un male, and the younger generation of artists and men of letters gave him a banquet which was recognized as a protest against the official literature, represented by Louis Hymans (1829-1884), Gustave Frederix (b.

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There are also editions of the correspondence with Gustave d'Eichtal and Comte (specially that of Levy-Bruhl, 1899).

Among them may be mentioned those illustrated by Gustave Dore, first on a small scale (1854), afterwards more elaborately (1870); that of the Collection Didot by Burgaud des Marets and Rathery (1857 and later); the Bibliotheque Elzevirienne edition by MM.

With Gustave Callier, whose funeral in 1863 was made the occasion of a display of clerical intolerance, Laurent had much in common, and the efforts of the society were directed to the continuation of Callier's philanthropic schemes.

See also Gustave Cahen, Eugene Boudin (Paris, 1899); Arsene Alexandre, Essais; Frederick Wedmore, Whistler and Others (1906).

In modern times the subject has been made still more popular by Gustave Dore's elaborate designs (1856), containing some of his most striking and imaginative work.

Some way out of the town is the Musee Ariana (extensive art collections), left, witha fine park, in 1890 to the city by a rich citizen, Gustave Revilliod.

Sand d'Alfred de Musset (Brussels, 1904), Correspondance entre George Sand et Gustave Flaubert (1904), and Lettres a Alfred de Musset et a Sainte-Beuve (1897).