Sentence Examples with the word Gustav

The lake was visited by Eduard Vogel (1855) and by Gustav Nachtigal (1870), the last-named investigating its hydrography in some detail.

Two German works of importance which have been used in this article are the interesting and suggestive Der Presbyter Johannes in Sage and Geschichte, by Dr Gustav Oppert (2nd ed., Berlin, 1870), and, most important of all in its learned, careful and critical collection and discussion of all the passages bearing on the subject, Der Priester Johannes, by Friedrich Zarncke of Leipzig (1876-1879).

The ascent of the Cameroon mountain was first attempted by Joseph Merrick of the Baptist Missionary Society in 1847; but it was not till 186r that the summit was gained, when the ascent was made by Sir Richard Burton, Gustav Mann, a noted botanist, and Senor Calvo.

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Edward Gans (q.v.) and Heinrich Gustav Hotho carried the method into special spheres of inquiry.

KARL GUSTAV JACOB JACOBI (1804-1851), German mathematician, was born at Potsdam, of Jewish parentage, on the 10th of December 1804.

HEINRICH GUSTAV MAGNUS (1802-1870), German chemist and physicist, was born at Berlin on the 2nd of May 1802.

This was followed by Gustav Wenzel's Codex diplomaticus arpadianus continuens (12 vols., Pest, 1857) and A.

From each of the four segments in the case of Tremella a long outgrowth arises which reaches to the surface of the hymenium From Strasburger's Lehrbuch der Bolanik, by permission of Gustav Fischer.

KARL GUSTAV HOMEYER (1795-1874), German jurist, was born on the 13th of August 1795 at Wolgast in Pomerania.

Naivasha was discovered in 1883 by Gustav Adolf Fischer (1848-1886), one of the early explorers of the Tana and Masai regions, and the first to demonstrate the continuance of the rift-valley through equatorial Africa.