Sentence Examples with the word Guillotined

His father, a president of the parlement of Paris, who came of the family of the famous president noticed below, was guillotined during the Terror, and Count Mole's early days were spent in Switzerland and in England with his mother, a relative of Lamoignon-Malesherbes.

He was imprudent enough to return to Paris in the autumn, where he was arrested on the 6th of October and guillotined the next day.

The Revolutionary tribunal condemned him to death, and he was guillotined on the 24th of November 1793.

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Aided by famine, by the suppression of the maximum, and by the imminent bankruptcy of the assignats, they endeavoured to arouse the working classes and the former Hanriot companies against a government which was trying to destroy the republic, and had b1oken the busts of Marat and guillotined Carrier and Fouquier-Tinville, the former public prosecutor.

Gobel was condemned to death, with Chaumette, Hebert and Anacharsis Cloots, and was guillotined on the 12th of April 1794.

He was recalled by the Committee of Public Safety on the 8th of February 1794, took part in the attack on Robespierre on the 9th Thermidor, but was himself brought before the Revolutionary Tribunal on the 11th and guillotined on the 16th of November 1794.

In Paris the slaughter of distinguished victims began with the trial of Marie Antoinette, who was guillotined on the 16th.

He retired to Montargis, where he was arrested, and was guillotined in Paris on the 17th of November 1793.

Twenty leaders of the Commune were arrested on the 1 7th of March 1794 and guillotined a week later.

Of the fifteen guillotined together, including among them Marie Jean Herault de Sechelles, Francois Joseph Westermann and Pierre Philippeaux, Desmoulins died third; Danton, the greatest, died last.