Sentence Examples with the word Guardsmen

It was patrolled by guardsmen wearing the Others' symbols on their cloaks.

One of the guardsmen was half the size of the other two, and his strikes were almost too fast and low for her to catch.

She grew impatient waiting for the guardsmen to return.

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Rather than reply, he released a wave of power that knocked over guardsmen and trees alike.

Rumors spread through the guardsmen of a second Schism, one that would finish what the first started.

He felt nothing, except concern for those fighting guardsmen at the obelisk.

The Guardsmen told Rostov of their march and how they had been made much of in Russia, Poland, and abroad.

Charles let out a string of curses and dragged one of the guardsmen off the ground.

She looked around for any Others or guardsmen that might've escaped through the portal.

I'd rather face ten guardsmen than one Xander.