Sentence Examples with the word Guards

The Guards had already left Petersburg on the tenth of August, and her son, who had remained in Moscow for his equipment, was to join them on the march to Radzivilov.

It has naturally been said that she organized the mutiny from the first, and some plausibility is conferred on this belief by the fact that the guards were manipulated by the four Orlov brothers.

If you try to escape, a dozen guards will cut you down before you reach the city wall.

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When Louis tried to leave the Tuileries for St Cloud at Easter 1791, in order to enjoy the ministrations of a nonjuring priest, the National Guards of Paris would not let him budge.

Yeah. Take her back and post guards everywhere you can.

The guards prepared their laser weaponry and waited.

Rissa, Sirian, and the guards headed toward the sparring men.

Three guards surrounded Rissa, whose writhing, squealing horse was as much of a menace to her as the attackers flooding from the forest.

The guards complained to the king, who, after consulting with the senate, mildly remonstrated with Sprengtporten by letter.

When finally the palace guards forsook their posts, Nero despairingly stole out of Rome to seek shelter in a freedman's villa some four miles off.