Sentence Examples with the word Grounded

But the same is true of nature; there are in the ordinary course of things inexplicabilities; indeed we may be said with truth to know nothing, for there is no medium between perfect and completed comprehension of the whole system of things, which we manifestly have not, and mere faith grounded on probability.

She felt more grounded as she stepped out of the horrible grey elevator onto a thick carpet of green.

The general design appears to have been grounded on the French detached forts of the 'seventies (see Fortification), as the front parapet was designed for infantry and the interior, io ft.

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Alfonso lost the use of his cell phone for a month and Alex grounded Jonathan for the same amount of time.

It differs from them in being grounded on exact and verified research.

Enough has been said to justify the great place assigned to Aristotle in the history of logic. Without pressing metaphysical formulae in logic proper, he analysed formal;implica tion, grounded implication as a mode of knowledge Summary.

The bases upon which Gerhardt and Laurent founded their views were not sufficiently well grounded to lead to the acceptance of their results; Gerhardt himself returned to Gmelin's equivalents in his Lehrbuch der Chemie (1853) as they were in such general use.

Stubbs was a High Churchman whose doctrines and practice were grounded on learning and a veneration for antiquity.

The next time you leave the compound without telling me, you'll be grounded until Damian returns.

Yet even then beyond the reach of any plummet--'out of the belly of hell'--when the whale grounded upon the ocean's utmost bones, even then, God heard the engulphed, repenting prophet when he cried.