Sentence Examples with the word Groceries

Finally, satisfied the house was safe, she put the groceries away and began cleaning the cabin.

She shifted the sack of groceries to get a better look, and froze.

It is the seat of a state normal school for negroes and of the Atlantic Collegiate Institute, is a trucking centre, has shipyards, and has a large wholesale trade in clothing, groceries and general merchandise; from it are shipped considerable quantities of fish, cotton and lumber.

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She gave the sack of groceries undue attention as she quarried Lisa.

He came to the garage when she parked the car, opened the door and began removing groceries without comment.

The principal exports are grain, eggs, cattle, linen cloth and flax, and the imports include timber, groceries and coal.

Swallowing an urge to retch, she retrieved the groceries and dashed to the door.

His hands were full with groceries from the list Ingrid texted her.

Yancey stepped through the door with his arms full of groceries and Lisa didn't miss the warning look he shot his mother.

A considerable amount of trade is done in the export of wool, hides, cotton, carpets, silks, felts, cereals (wheat, barley, maize, rice), sheep, fruit and vegetables, and in tea, silver, porcelain and opium imported from China, cloth and groceries from India, and cloth, cottons, silks, sugar, matches and leather from West Turkestan and Russia.