Sentence Examples with the word Grieved

Before leaving, Napoleon showed favor to the emperor, kings, and princes who had deserved it, reprimanded the kings and princes with whom he was dissatisfied, presented pearls and diamonds of his own--that is, which he had taken from other kings--to the Empress of Austria, and having, as his historian tells us, tenderly embraced the Empress Marie Louise--who regarded him as her husband, though he had left another wife in Paris--left her grieved by the parting which she seemed hardly able to bear.

This letter grieved and mortified Nicholas.

The change that took place in Natasha at first surprised Princess Mary; but when she understood its meaning it grieved her.

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Teacher is sad, and let her feel the grieved expression on my face.

No such demonstration of grief was expected even by those who grieved the most.

He grieved for years and Sarah worried for a time that he might find someone to stake him.

But noticing the grieved expression on Princess Mary's face she guessed the reason of that sadness and suddenly began to cry.

He loved his dog, his comrades, the French, and Pierre who was his neighbor, but Pierre felt that in spite of Karataev's affectionate tenderness for him (by which he unconsciously gave Pierre's spiritual life its due) he would not have grieved for a moment at parting from him.

Dorothy carried her in her arms back to where the others sat in grieved and thoughtful silence.

He alone had grieved over the grave.