Sentence Examples with the word Greeted

Toni greeted him cheerfully.

Kelli greeted a few of the women in the room and led Lana into what looked like a former warehouse in the back of the building.

The battle of Kumanovo in particular was greeted with indescribable enthusiasm throughout the Yugoslav provinces.

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We all climbed the stairs as Quinn greeted us.

Megan forced the anger to the back of her mind and greeted the couple warmly.

His settlement of the railway dispute in 1906 was universally applauded; and the bills he introduced and passed for reorganizing the port of London, dealing with Merchant Shipping, and enforcing the working in England of patents granted there, and so increasing the employment of British labour, were greeted with satisfaction by the tariff-reformers, who congratulated themselves that a Radical free-trader should thus throw over the policy of laisser faire.

He greeted his small wife with a kiss on top of her head and wrapped his arms around her.

As they walked into the town, they were greeted by people calling out to Kelli.

The jury quickly agreed on a verdict of not guilty, and the acquittal was greeted by the populace with shouts of triumph.

She turned to see Helga, the woman who had greeted them when they arrived.