Sentence Examples with the word Grayson

In the Virginia convention for ratifying the constitution (June 1788), when eight states had ratified and it seemed that Virginia's vote would be needed to make the necessary nine (New Hampshire's favourable vote was cast only shortly before that of Virginia), and it appeared that New York would vote against the constitution if Virginia did not ratify it, Madison was called upon to defend that instrument again, and he appeared at his best against its opponents, Patrick Henry, George Mason, James Monroe, Benjamin Harrison, William Grayson and John Tyler.

No. The play-offs begin tomorrow and Coach Grayson gave us a free afternoon.

Rogers, Grayson county.

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Coach Grayson wouldn't have remembered David Dean even if he hadn't been busy with piloting his crew and glanced Dean's way.

Old Coach Grayson was still at the helm and probably always would be.

He was defeated by Richard Henry Lee and William Grayson in his candidacy for the United States Senate, but in his own district he was chosen a representative to Congress, defeating James Monroe, who seems to have had the powerful support of Patrick Henry.

Coach Grayson was the only resident of Parkside who had ever played major league baseball.

Coach Grayson turned to Dean, a puzzled look on his face.