Sentence Examples with the word Granville

The title of Granville descended to his son Robert, who died without issue in 1776, when the earldom of this creation became extinct.

The evangelical movement had produced philanthropists like Wilberforce and Granville Sharp, and the Eclectic Society, a group of clergy and laymen who fell to discussing the new missionary movements.

For many years, moreover, it was customary for the British minister, as well as the ministers of other powers, to consult him in every difficulty; and such complete confidence had Lord Granville in his ability and loyalty, that on the retirement of Sir T.

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During the autumn of 1877 he went to London, Paris and Berlin on a confidential mission, establishing cordial personal relationships with Gladstone, Granville and other English statesmen, and with Bismarck.

Baring forcibly argued against British intervention in the affairs of the Sudan, and on the 13th of December Lord Granville telegraphed that Her Majestys government recommend the ministers of khedive to come to an early decision to abandon all territory south of Assuan, or, at least, of Wadi Haifa.

Supported by representative Christian leaders, such as Granville Sharp, Zachary Macaulay, William Wilberforce, Charles Grant and Henry Thornton, with Lord Teignmouth, ex-governorgeneral of India, as its first president, and Dr Porteus, bishop of London, as its friendly counsellor, the new society made rapid progress.

Thus the discovery of Stephen Gray and of Granville Wheeler that the electrical influence of a charged Leyden jar may be conveyed to a distance by means of an insulated wire gave rise to various proposals, of which perhaps the earliest was that in an anonymous letter' to the Scots Magazine (vol.

FORTUNE DU BOISGOBEY (1824-1891), French writer of fiction, whose real surname was Castille, was born at Granville (Manche) on the lath of September 1824.

Lord Granville further inquired whether Italy would co-operate in pacifying the Sudan, and received an affirmative reply.

On the I3th of March Lord Granville gave full power to General Gordon to evacuate Khartum and save that garrison by conducting it himself to Berber without delay, and expressed a hope that he would not resign his commission.