Sentence Examples with the word Graced

Of splendid sculptors in wood that graced the 11th, 12th and I3th centuries left names never to be forgotten, but undoubtedly many other artists of scarcely less force regarded bronze-casting as their principal business.

His palaces outshone those of his king, and few monarchs could afford such a display of plate as commonly graced the cardinal's table.

His return was graced with all the pomp of a triumphal entry, but in two months after he was again in exile.

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Shrubbery graced its area and flowers its window-sills.

A long oak table graced the center of the room, its ten carved chairs at attention.

Large Mahogany doors swung into an entry graced with antique furnishings.

He was a staunch supporter of Charlemagne's principles of government and educational reforms; he established schools, and by his own literary achievements showed himself a worthy member of the learned circle which graced the Carolingian court.

The wedding cake rose gracefully in three tiers, graced with crystal staircases and small cakes on either side.

Martha, dressed exactly as she had been when she'd left, clutched her new suitcase while the barest hint of a smile graced her pretty face.

Dulce graced him with a saccharine smile and said no more.