Sentence Examples with the word Grabbing

She backed away slowly, flashing the light on the forms, and then ducked into the barn, grabbing a feed sack she remembered throwing beside the barn door.

Carmen lunged at Josh, grabbing his arm and jerking on it.

Jackson recovered first, grabbing her around the waist.

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Fitzgerald answered but Dean intervened, grabbing the old man's arm.

Instead of grabbing her, he slid something cool around her neck.

She slid, bounced and screamed her way to the edge of the cliff, finally stopping her descent by grabbing the base of a bush.

It was day three, and she was no closer to grabbing it.

He caught up with her where the hallway turned, grabbing her waist and turning her around.

The sound of bodies hitting the stone floor behind her preceded Darkyn grabbing her by a few seconds.

He slid back away from the table, grabbing a napkin to dam the tea from the edge of the table.