Sentence Examples with the word Grabbed

Ving pulled up and barely made it out of the car before Rainy grabbed him and slammed him over the hood.

Carmen grabbed a tissue from the table next to the bed and wiped Destiny's nose.

He tossed it on the bed and grabbed a handful of clothes then stuffed them in.

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When the opportunity presented itself, she grabbed it.

Jim grabbed her hand, walking beside her.

He grabbed the phone off the floor and dialed a number.

The shout went unnoticed until the panicked bartender grabbed the mike of the lead rocker.

He grabbed her and pulled her toward him, not before catching a lick or two solidly on his aching elbow.

Jonathan immediately grabbed the remote control and plopped down on one of the beds.

Throwing back the covers that had protected her from the cold night air, she grabbed one of her boots.