Sentence Examples with the word Gouvernement

See P. Pelicier, Essai sur le gouvernement de la Dame de Beaujeu (Chartres, 1882).

The chief works on the life and reign of Louis are le comte de Saint-Leu, Documents historiques et reflexions sur le gouvernement de la Hollande 3 vols., 2nd ed., Paris, 1820); F.

In his Histoire du gouvernement de Venise he undertook to explain, and above all to criticize, the administration of that republic, and to expose the causes of its decadence.

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He is the author of La Contre-guerilla franraise au Mexique (1868); L'Elevation et la chute de l'empereur Maximilien (1867); Le Quatre-septembre et le gouvernement de la defense nationale (1872); Mourad V.

Par ordre du gouvernement (89 vols., 1836-1893): and Collections des chroniqueurs.

At first Anjou was included in the gouvernement (or military command) of Orleanais, but in the 17th century was made into a separate one.

Of the city, where the Fort St Luis Place, a plantation 1 Murat settled here about 1821, became a naturalized American citizen, relinquishing his claim to the crown of Naples, and lived here for much of the time until his death, holding successively the office of alderman, mayor and postmaster of the city, and devoting some of his leisure to the preparation of three books, describing political and social conditions in America, the last of which, Exposition des principes du gouvernement republicain tel qu'il a ete perfectionne en Amerique (1838), was translated into many languages and was very popular in Europe.

Au chef du gouvernement francais, said Dolgorukov, with grave satisfaction.

His works comprise: Histoire de l'administration en France depuis Philippe-Auguste (2 vols., 1848); Histoire des classes agricoles en France depuis saint Louis jusqu'a Louis X VI (2 vols., 18J3 and 1858), now quite obsolete; and a Histoire de France (8 vols., 1865-1873), completed by a Histoire de la Restauration (2 vols., 1880), a good summary of the work of Veil-Castel, and by a Histoire du Gouvernement de Juillet, a dry enumeration of dates and facts.

Du Pont's most important works, besides those mentioned above, were his De l'origine et des progres d'une science nouvelle (London and Paris, 1767); Physiocratie, ou constitution naturelle du gouvernement le plus avantageux au genre humain (Paris, 1768); and his Observations sur les effets de la liberte du commerce des grains (1760).