Sentence Examples with the word Gottfried

During these Wanderjahre he made the acquaintance of the poets Gellert and Jacobi, the learned Jean-Jacques Barthelemy, the duc de Choiseul, and Gottfried Achenwall, the statistician.

JOHANN GOTTFRIED VON HERDER (1744-1803), one of the most prolific and influential writers that Germany has produced, was born in Mohrungen, a small town in East Prussia, on the 25th of August 1744.

His son, Carl Gottfried Neumann (b.

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In contrast with this school we have the critical and grammatical school of Gottfried Hermann (d.

The discoveries of Johann Kepler and Bonaventura Cavalieri were the foundation upon which Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz erected that wonderful edifice, the Infinitesimal Calculus.

Unlike Gottfried Hermann, Heyne regarded the study of grammar and language only as the means to an end, not as the chief object of philology.

He was also known as the author of sacred poems. Gottfried Arnold has rightly been classed with the pietistic section of Protestant historians (Bibliotheca Sacra, 1850).

His father, Johann Gottfried Lessing, was a clergyman, and, a few years after his son's birth, became pastor primaries or chief pastor of Kamenz.

The first attempt at a true account of Jorisz was by Gottfried Arnold, in his anonymous Historia (1713), pursued with much fuller material in his Kirchen and Ketzer Historie (best ed.

Pp. 73 seq., with illustrations, an excellent article by Gottfried Weber on the valve horn and valve trumpet.