Sentence Examples with the word Gotten

A more glorious work in our eyes than if we had gotten the sacking and plunder of Edinburgh.

Zamon and I have always gotten along.

When she opened them, incredulous that Jackson had gotten away with his joke, he grinned innocently and shrugged.

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He wasn't entirely certain what to think about last night, but he felt like he'd gotten somewhere.

He'd never gotten over her friend refusing to date him after she dumped him.

What he couldn't quite rationalize: what he would've done if she hadn't gotten lucky and Darkyn didn't want his mate.

He's gotten more looks than a braless cheerleader but nothing has stuck.

Ben, this entire business has gotten out of hand.

The queen was defamed, that he that was called the prince was not the kings son, but a bastard gotten in adultery.

Martha came in with baby Clair looking as if she'd gotten over what ailed her.