Sentence Examples with the word Gota

The Gota canal route, however, is used by many; the uplands of Dalecarlia (Dalarne) are frequented; and the railway through the Jemtland highlands to Trondhjem gives access to a beautiful region, where numerous sanatoria are in favour with the Swedes themselves.

The new king devoted himself to the promotion of the material development of the country, the Gota canal absorbing the greater portion of the twenty- 1844 four millions of dalers voted for the purpose.

It is on the Gota canal route (q.v.).

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The Klar flows south into Lake Vener, which is drained to the Cattegat by the short Gota river, on which, not far below the lake, are the celebrated falls of Trollha:ttan.

Of Stockholm by rail, and 360 by the Gota canalroute.

On the north side, closely adjacent, are the Lilla Bommenshamn, where the Gota canal steamers lie, and the two principal railway stations, Statens and Bergslafs Bangard.

The theories of construction remained rudimentary until early in the 19th century, when the Gota (q.v.) canal was opened.

East, were founded in 1823 by the Gota Canal Company under the direction of Daniel Fraser, an Englishman.

After the fall of Napoleon it began to decline, but after its closer connexion with the interior of the country by the Gota canal (opened 1832) and Western railway it rapidly advanced both in population and trade.

Trade is carried on by way of the lake and the Gota canal.