Sentence Examples with the word Got

By combining the four symbols A, B, X, Y, according to their presence or absence, Garrod got a considerable number of formulae, each of which was overruled, so to speak, by the two categories of the presence or absence of the ambiens muscle.

This was hauntingly familiar to another episode where a man got too familiar.

He was as careful of the sowing and reaping of the peasants' hay and corn as of his own, and few landowners had their crops sown and harvested so early and so well, or got so good a return, as did Nicholas.

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I just got up too fast, that's all.

Gazing at the vamp, Damian couldn't help thinking he got the shitty end of this deal.

He doesn't appear to be, but I had to stop and let him rest several times before he got to the barn.

Prince Andrew had grown thinner, paler, and more manly- looking, but what amazed and estranged Pierre till he got used to it were his inertia and a wrinkle on his brow indicating prolonged concentration on some one thought.

We've got to figure out this shit, he told the female death-dealer beside him.

They spoke of the countess' health, of their mutual friends, of the latest war news, and when the ten minutes required by propriety had elapsed after which a visitor may rise, Nicholas got up to say good-by.

Even the linesman got in on the act with a highly dubious offside against Cox.