Sentence Examples with the word Gonfalonier

A new magistrate, the gonfalonier of justice, appears in some of the Guelph cities, with the special duty of keeping the insolence of the nobility in check.

In the summer of 1515 ordered Giuliano de' Medici, as gonfalonier of the Church, to lead a papal force into the Emilia and watch the movements of the invader.

PIERO SODERINI (1450-1513), Florentine statesman, was elected gonfalonier for life in 1502 by the Florentines, who wished to give greater stability to their republican institutions, which had been restored after the expulsion of Piero de' Medici and the martyrdom of Savonarola.

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In the same year Piero Soderini was chosen gonfalonier for life, in accordance with certain changes in the constitution of the state, which were intended to bring Florence closer to the Venetian type of government.

Soderini, who was perpetual gonfalonier of Florence, and Machiavelli, the secretary of the Ten, urged on the war.

Of Anjou, upon whom he conferred the investiture of the kingdom of Sicily, together with the title of gonfalonier of the church.

The gonfalonier Soderini entered into his views.

The family, which was nineteen times represented in the signoria, and in 1445 gave a gonfalonier to Florence, flourished with the republic and declined with its fall.