Sentence Examples with the word Glowed

Finally, he'd reached the top of a hill overlooking a small, familiar village that glowed with warmth.

Several doorways glowed around her, and Kris yanked her toward one.

The neon tube glowed when it was in resonance with the wireless telegraph antenna.

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Deidre glowed darkly with the Dark One's power and something else, an aura that drew his gaze and left him feeling slightly addled.

If Sofi's eyes glowed in the mortal world, they blazed here.

Emergency lighting glowed along the walls, and the strange silhouettes of workout machines made her pause and wait for her night vision to filter out machine from potential attacker.

He looked like her father, only his eyes glowed green where her father's had been purple.

Darian's eyes glowed and swirled.

The bottom of the lake glowed with souls.

His eyes glowed darker than night, two black holes in his otherwise indistinguishable face.