Sentence Examples with the word Glinted

Moonlight glinted off pursuers' weapons as they crashed through the forest.

Moonlight glinted off the swords at his hip, and a cold ocean breeze swept up the Western Cliffs, rolled over them, and rustled the branches of the nearby forest.

A few feet further, in a dry grotto scooped out from the main walkway, something glinted in Dean's flashlight.

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Moonlight glinted off their weapons and gear.

To her surprise, moonlight glinted off the water of the newly formed lake that filled the canyon.

As they neared the first turn, something glinted in the beam of Dean's flashlight.

Xander's eyes glinted as he gazed down at Jonny.

His mouth twisted into a wry smile and the dark eyes glinted with something less than humor.

His eyes glinted rather than flashed, his copper skin tight across perfect, chiseled features.

Jule's eyes glinted with the magic in his body, and the air around him shimmered in a different power than that of her father.