Sentence Examples with the word Glimpsed

Its fundamental motive is the serious consideration, in a continuous and concrete manner, of that union of philosophy and history which had been glimpsed by earlier thinkers, but had hitherto been pursued in a manner more or less capricious.

She raised the amulet to stare at it, the cacophony around her rising as the excited inmates glimpsed their freedom.

He glimpsed the sparkle of a tear in the flash of on-coming headlights.

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She glimpsed the mess that was her face and decided to wash it and redo her makeup.

He thought he glimpsed a marble wall and hesitated, peppered by memories and magic.

Darian glimpsed an orchard with flowering trees and emerald grass as he ducked his head through the portal.

A little further ahead, they glimpsed a white flash of tail as a deer bounded crossed the trail no more than fifty feet ahead of them.

Jenn glimpsed the black curls of her daughter's head as her mother tried to push her away.

In the following year there appeared her Personal Recollections, consisting of reminiscences written during her old age, and of great interest both for what they reveal of her own character and life and the glimpsed they afford of the literary and scientific society of bygone times.

She hadn't rejected him, and he already glimpsed what issues he was going to have to overcome.