Sentence Examples with the word Glaucus

BELLEROPHON, or Bellerophontes, in Greek legend, son of Glaucus or Poseidon, grandson of Sisyphus and local hero of Corinth.

The only passage which can be interpreted as a reference to writing occurs in the story of Bellerophon, told by Glaucus in the sixth book of the Iliad.

He is closely akin to Glaucus Pontius, the frantic horses of the one probably representing the stormy waves, the other the sea in its calmer mood.

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The foundation of Patras goes back to prehistoric times, the legendary account being that Eumelus, having been taught by Triptolemus how to grow grain in the rich soil of the Glaucus valley, established three townships, Aroe (i.e.

He was the father of the sea-god Glaucus and (in post-Homeric legend) of Odysseus.

Early in the 7th century B.C. Glaucus of Chios discovered the process of welding iron (K6XXouts: see J.

We hear of an early poem named Pontius Glaucus the subject of which is uncertain, and of translations of Xenophon's Oeconomica and the Phenomena of Aratus.

The coast, though less irregular than that of Caria, is indented by a succession of bays - the most marked of which is the Gulf of Macri (anc. Glaucus Sinus) in the extreme west.

With the same herb Polyidus brought the dead Glaucus back to life.

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