Sentence Examples with the word Glared

She glared at them both with a cross between disdain and fury.

Cynthia cast her eyes downward while Gladys glared at Jerome with unfettered hatred, looking as if she wished she had a giant icicle to do her research here and now.

Taran glared back and dispatched his attackers before hacking down the man between them.

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The window rolled down, and his chief assassin glared at him.

She slammed the suitcase shut and glared at him.

Yancey moved away from the wall and reached for the phone, but she glared up at him, hugging the receiver to her chest.

He tensed and glared at her.

Carmen glared at her.

She glared at Bordeaux.

World Wide Insurance Company was in the heart of Philadelphia, occupying a towering structure that glared down on city hall and a thousand tired buildings, many dating back to the horse-drawn carriage days.