Sentence Examples with the word Given, The

The latest year given, the rate had declined to 870 of a cent per ton per mile.

According as a preliminary chloridizing roast has or has not been given, the process is classed as roast-amalgamation or raw-amalgamation.

His trial was delayed until November 1908, and it was not until March 1909 that judgment was given, the court finding him guilty only on the minor charge of harbouring rebels.

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Almost as the commands were given, the French suddenly opened an overwhelming long-range fire and their bullets swept like hail through the crowded mass of the German troops.

If when the aperture is given, the wave-length (proportional to k1) varies, the composition of the integrals is unaltered, provided E and n are taken universely proportional to X.

It is shown in the article Astronomy (Celestial Mechanics) that the mean distance and mean motion or time of revolution of a planet are so related by Kepler's third law that, when one of these elements is given, the other can be found.

Here is the new Gewandhaus, or Konzerthaus, built in 1880-1884, in which the famous concerts called after its name are given, the old Gewandhaus, or Drapers' Hall, in the inner town having again been devoted to commercial use as a market hall during the fairs.

Cramer, that, when a certain number of the intersections of two algebraical curves are given, the rest are thereby determined.

As, however, their vehicle was Latin, a mere mention must suffice, and for the same reason only the title of a notable book by Francisco Sanches can be given, the De nobili et prima universali scientia quod nihil scitur.