Sentence Examples with the word Ginning

The most important place of trade is Malkapur - pop. (1901) 13,112 - with several factories for ginning and pressing cotton.

There are cotton presses and ginning factories.

When this has been accomplished the weight of the crop is reduced to about one-third, each 100 lb of seed cotton as picked yielding after ginning some 33 lb of lint and 66 lb of cotton seed.

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In 1904 the total number of factories was 391, almost entirely cotton presses and ginning factories, which received an immense impetus from the rise in cotton prices.

It has several ginning factories and a cotton-mill; two high schools, one maintained by the Government and the other by the Basel German Mission.

There are several factories for ginning and pressing cotton, the chief trading centres being Beawar and Kekri.

In modern commercial cotton production ginning machines are always used.

Among its important lines of work may be mentioned frequent reports during the cotton ginning season upon the amount of cotton ginned, supplemental census reports upon occupations, on employees and wages, and on further interpretation of various population tables, reports on street and electric railways, on mines and quarries, on electric light and power plants, on deaths in the registration area 1900-1904, on benevolent institutions, on the insane, on paupers in almshouses, on the social statistics of cities and on the census of manufactures in 1905.

The principal crops are millet, wheat, other food grains, pulse, oilseeds and cotton; there is some manufacture of cotton-cloth and blankets, and there are ginning factories in the town.

In Southern Nigeria the association has met with only slight success; in Northern Nigeria, a working arrangement was entered into with the Niger Company, and a small ginning establishment was set to work in February 1906.