Sentence Examples with the word Giles

Henry received early notice of the plot, and nipped it in the bud, scattering Oldcastles levies in St Giles Fields (Jan.

Nor has the continent, as a whole, in recent times been subjected to any violent earth tremors; though in 1873, to the north of Lake Amadeus, in central Australia, Ernest Giles records the occurrence of earthquake shocks violent enough to dislodge considerable rock masses.

No child 1 In Giles v.

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Ernest Giles made several attempts to cross the Central Australian Desert, but it was not until his third attempt that he was successful.

Bohun, Privilegia Londini (1723); Giles Jacob, City Liberties (1733); Laws and Customs, Rights, Liberties and Privileges of the City of London (1765) David Hughson, Epitome of the Privileges of London (1816); George Norton, Commentaries on the History, Constitution and Chartered Franchises of the City of London (1829, 3rd ed.

Of the collected works of Bede the most convenient edition is that by Dr Giles in twelve volumes (8vo., 1843-1844), which includes translations of the Historical Works.

The task of filling up gaps, smoothing away inconsistencies, rounding off the tale, was accomplished by Giles Tschudi, whose recension was adopted, with a few alterations, by Johannes von Muller in his History of the Confederation (1780).

CHARLES GILES BRIDLE DAUBENY (1795-1867), English chemist, botanist and geologist, was the third son of the Rev. James Daubeny, and was born at Stratton in Gloucestershire on the II th of February 1795.

In Edinburgh the church of St Giles could boast the possession of an arm-bone of its patron.

The parish church of St Giles is believed to have been erected in the reign of Alexander I., about 1110, and the huge Norman keep of the castle, built by his younger brother, David I., continued to be known as David's Tower till its destruction in the siege of 1572.